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About St. Francis'

A brief Photo History of St. Francis is available for download here.

All are welcome at St. Francis'! In the spirit of our patron, Francis of Assisi, we delight in the rich diversity of God’s creation, including one another and all who come to this community of faith, wherever they may be on their journey.


The congregation of St. Francis' is culturally and racially diverse.  We are people of European, African, Latino and Asian descent, hailing from many countries.


We are a congregation of diverse relationships.  We are straight and gay; single, married, divorced, re-married and widowed.  As an Oasis Welcoming Congregation, we are committed to inviting and supporting all people to worship with us and become part of our parish family, including those who feel excluded because of their sexual orientation or identity, and are seeking a safe, comfortable and affirming spiritual home.


We are a congregation of diverse ages, from infants to nonagenarians and everything in-between.  We welcome children in worship and in Sunday School.


All levels of our building are fully accessible for our elders or anyone with a physical disability.


Whoever you are, we welcome you! We value the gifts and talents and interests that you bring as gifts from our gracious God.

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