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Adult Christian Formation

Christian formation is not something we do once as children in Sunday School —then when we get older, we’ve simply got it. Christian formation is a lifelong process of learning, believing, and growing that happens in Christian community as we worship, study, share fellowship, and serve together.


At St. Francis', we seek to engage in formation for adults in many ways.  At times, the whole congregation participates in discerning God’s call to us for our mission and ministry. Vestry meetings begin with shared reflection on a bible passage, a book the vestry is reading or our experiences of God’s presence in our lives. This website includes texts [and audio files] of Sunday sermons, as well as links to other resources for spiritual growth from the wider church.


In addition, special programs are offered during Lent and other times during the year.  In the future we hope to offer more web-based opportunities to share in formation together. You are invited to join us in person and on-line as we seek to grow in Christ.

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