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The Vestry, made up of 9 Vestry members, the two Wardens and the Rector, who is the Chair, serves as the board of trustees of the congregation. The Vestry as a body has legal responsibility for financial and physical affairs of the parish, but is also a community of spiritual leaders. While Episcopal canon law gives final authority over some matters of parish life to the Rector alone (for instance, worship and education), the Vestry serves an important role of shared leadership with the Rector for the overall life and ministry of the parish. Vestry members often take responsibility for or assist in one area of the parish’s operations. Vestry members show leadership by example and participation in the worship and ongoing life of the parish, and in their stewardship of time, talent, and treasure. Communication is another important function of the Vestry.


Current Members

*Pam Maiolo - Sr. Warden 

*Amy Myzie - Jr. Warden

* Gerrianne Breck - Secretary

* Kathy Balenson

* Christy McGuire

* Marie Petit-Holmes

* Grace McDougall

* Larry Quirk 

*Cynthia Pellicia

*Elaine Patania

*Michelle Klastava

*Ilia Scriven - Treasurer 

(While not a member of the Vestry, the Treasurer of St. Francis advises the Vestry and parish on all financial matters.)

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