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Worship Overview

Many people are drawn to the Episcopal Church because of our worship.  Through Scripture and Sacrament, preaching and prayer, music and movement, we seek to engage heart, body and mind in an experience of worship in which we offer the whole of our being to God.  We seek to leave our worship transformed and strengthened for the work of discipleship that awaits us in our daily lives.


St. Francis' is a Eucharistic community, meaning that our primary act of worship is the celebration of the Holy Eucharist (also known as The Lord's Supper, Holy Communion and the Mass).  Eucharistic worship is communal worship – a shared experience in which we seek to be drawn closer to each other as we are drawn closer to God.   The community life we so value at St. Francis finds its center in our worship.  Everyone is a participant -- not a spectator – engaging heart, body, mind, and spirit as we share in the breaking of bread and the cup of wine - the body and blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 





We are inclusive and welcoming of all people.  Baptized Christians of all ages and any denomination are warmly invited to receive Communion.   Those who are not baptized are invited to come forward during Communion to receive a blessing.  Everyone who is hungry and thirsty for God in their life is welcome in our worship.


To learn more about worship at St. Francis', we invite you to explore these pages and links.  But most importantly, we invite you to come and join us in worship!  We think you're going to love it!

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