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The St. Francis Contemplative Prayer Group

You're Invited!

God speaks to us amidst spoken prayers, in hymns, when friends gather together -- and in silence. 

We invite you to join the St. Francis Contemplative Prayer group to explore how the Divine may appear to you in sacred quiet. Our Contemplative Prayer group meets to share in silent prayer, followed by friendly and helpful conversation. No experience with any kind of contemplative prayer or meditation is required, nor do participants need to commit to any particular ongoing participation.

While most of our regular members hail from St. Francis, we also have people from other churches - Episcopal, Roman Catholic, and ELCA. We meet primarily over Zoom but are also exploring options to expand into an occasional hybrid (both on-site and on-line) format. Email for more information.


"God's first language is silence," St. John of the Cross famously said some 400 years ago. Come see what the silence of the Holy may tell you.

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