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The St. Francis Intercessory Prayer Group

Dividing Sorrows, Multiplying Joys

The members of the Intercessory Prayer Group of St. Francis lift up people and concerns made known to the group, both by praying as a group during twice monthly 30-minute online meetings and by individual members praying on their own time throughout the month. Members also pray fervently as needed in response to urgent situations. Both requests for intercessions (prayers on behalf of others, for urgent or for long-term/chronic situations) and thanksgivings are welcome.  Requests can be submitted using the form below or may be sent to All requests are kept in confidence within the prayer group.






Prayer requests are recorded and shared by email (updated twice a month) within the group so members have the full current list of intercessions for individual use.  We ask that the person who requested a prayer for someone update the group on the situation at least every 30 days so that our prayers may be focused on the current situation.  Prayer requests not updated after reminders have been given may be dropped from the list.  

Prayer Group members rejoice in being able to "divide sorrows and multiply joys" for themselves and for others, inside or beyond the congregation.  Prayer Group members are in turn lifted up by the Holy Spirit in this ministry of intercession. If you would like more information on this ministry, please email

Send us your prayer requests:

Thank you.Someone will contact you for more information.

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