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The Book of Joy:  This Book Study is for YOU

Reading Assignments

June 30   "The Nature of True Joy": Pages ix - 78, 355-360

July 7      "Obstacles to Joy" Part 1:  Pages 81-123, 309-320, 361-mid 364.

July 14    "Obstacles to Joy" Part 2: Pages 125-188, 320-328, mid 364-366.

July 21    "Pillars of Joy 1-5": pages 191-239, 329-336, 367-369

July 28    "Pillars of Joy 6-8": pages 241-305, 336-348, 369-371

How do we find joy after a year plus of so much suffering, loss, isolation and disruption?  The Church of the Holy Cross and St. Francis invite parishioners and friends to learn together from two Nobel Peace Prize laureates, the Dalai Lama and South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  They are dear friends and both have (and do) experience deep sorrow and suffering – and yet have learned to live in joy.  Our churches are offering a study of The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World jointly authored by these two spiritual giants of our time.

The Book Study will be on six Wednesdays from 7-8:30 pm from June 23 - July 28.  The first five sessions will be on Zoom (call-ins invited from those without computer access); the final session will be in person (location to be determined) concluding with Compline and ice cream — and the joy of being in each others’ presence.  

The book is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble (in person or online) in paperback, hard cover, Audible, Audio c.d. and Kindle. Friends and relatives are welcome to join, including those without a church affiliation.  This free study will be led by the Rev. Canon Dr. Francis A. Hubbard (aka Fr. Frank), Priest Associate at St. Francis who has also served as a Supply Priest from time to time at Church of the Holy Cross.

Contact Fr. Frank for more information or to register for the group.

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