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Potatoes, Carrots,



If you are unable to participate in the St. Patrick's Day Dinner, or wish to further support this fundraiser, please purchase a $5.00 Shamrock

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Instructions for Completing

St. Francis' On-line Donation Form

(It's Easier than it Sounds!)

To complete the form follow these steps:

1. Select "Special Offering 1". Add the amount you wish to pay and add "St. Pat's" the blank description line

2. Select "One Time" from the "Frequency" drop down menu

3. Enter the date of your payment

4. Click the "Continue" button

5. On the next page, enter your personal and payment information (the site is very secure

6. Complete the verification field ("I am not a robot"

7. Click "Process" to complete the transaction

Order by March 8th!

St. Patrick's Dinner Order Form
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Credit/Debit cards are accepted

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