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More Than Enough
2022 Fall Stewardship Campaign 

Luncheon RSVP

Please submit by November 6th

Commitment Card for 2023

Please submit by November 15th

The theme of this year's Fall Stewardship Campaign is More Than Enough. What do we mean by that? Let's start with a story in Luke's Gospel: the miracle of  feeding the five thousand. Luke 9:12-17

Jesus had spent the day walking, preaching, and healing throughout the city of Bethsaida. As he went along, a crowd numbering five thousand grew and followed him. As the day was fading, the disciples asked Jesus to disperse the crowd so that they could find food for themselves in the nearby villages. Instead, Jesus instructed the twelve disciples to feed the crowd themselves, much to their dismay (the disciples didn’t really want to buy food for the whole crowd!). Rummaging around, they gathered five loaves of bread and two fish and brought them to Jesus. Jesus took the scant food, blessed, and broke it and gave it to the disciples to distribute to crowd. [Insert miracle here]. And, amazingly, Jesus provided more than enough to feed the crowd. The five thousand all ate their fill, and twelve baskets of broken pieces were gathered up as left-overs!  

The point: this story demonstrates the power of God – the power to take scarcity and create abundance. Not just to feed the multitudes two thousand years ago, but also in our own lives and to fill our own needs.

We know there are times when life is a struggle and finding God’s abundance in it can be hard. Not every day is sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns. But if we really, really try, we can sometimes find at least a glimmer of God’s eternal grace and love in our lives. One suggestion is to keep a Gratitude Journal (like the one we sent out over the summer). Every day find just one thing to be grateful for. If we look back through it from time to time for recurring people, places, or things we can identify where God is working in our lives – where God is providing abundance. 

God’s abundance manifests in the Wealth, Work, and Wisdom we possess and as Christians we are called to share with the world. During this Fall Campaign we’ve shared more details on these subjects through snail-mail letters, emails, articles in Communiques, personal testimonials, sermons, a narrative budget, and even a chancel drama. Links to these resources are shared below. 

Good stewardship of our Wealth, Works, and Wisdom is a year-round, continuous, and continually evolving undertaking for us as Christians. Our Fall Campaign is a designated time for us to focus on sharing our Wealth with St. Francis in 2023. We very much hope you will prayerfully consider what God is calling you to give next year. Please keep in mind that 70% of St. Francis’ income is from all our financial commitments to the parish and that every dollar donated to and spent by the parish is used to fund St. Francis’ mission and ministries (see the Narrative Budget for details). Our campaign officially concludes on November 13th, our Commitment Sunday and we ask that Commitment Cards are returned to church or submitted via the website by November 15th. 

To celebrate, we will have a boxed luncheon after the service on the 13th and a special Coffee Hour in early December to present the results of the campaign. We ask that you submit a luncheon RSVP form by November 6th. 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback for the Stewardship Committee please contact Christy McGuire, Elaine Patania, or Marie Petit-Homme


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