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Updated COVID Guidance Protocols at St. Francis 

The St. Francis Re-entering, Re-opening, and Re-imagining Task Force met on March 25th and decided to make the following changes in our COVID safety protocols, which we will put into practice beginning on Palm Sunday, April 10th. These changes were made in accordance with the most recent guidance of the Diocesan RRR Task Force. 

1.)  Signing in and out for contact tracing is discontinued immediately. 

2.) Fully vaccinated people are no longer required to wear masks for worship 

and other parish gatherings. (“fully-vaccinated” means individuals who 

have received the initial recommended doses of their vaccine series and 

any recommended booster doses when eligible.)  Whether or not to wear a 

mask is up to each vaccinated individual, or, in the case of children, each 

family. There are many reasons someone might choose to wear a mask. 

and trust that everyone is making the best choice based on their situation. 

3.) Unvaccinated people must still wear masks for their own safety as well as 

that of others. However, apart from exceptions for singers and readers 

required by the Diocese, we will not be checking vaccination status. We 

trust that members of St. Francis will follow this guidance on their honor 

and with concern for other member of the parish community. 

4.) The clergy and others who administer Communion will remain masked 

when doing so.  We continue to ask those receiving Communion to move 6 

feet away from the Communion station before consuming the Sacrament. 

Sanitizing stations will remain in place. Their use is optional. 

5.)  We will continue to offer a livestream for our Sunday 10 AM services as 

well as special services (e.g. Holy Week). 

6.)   We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, including concerns 

about another variant affecting the case numbers in Asia and Europe and 

now the U. S. Depending on how case numbers change in our area, we 

may need to reinstate a mask requirement in the future. 

As always, we are grateful for your patience and flexibility in a situation that has changed more times than we can count. If you have any questions, please speak to Fr. Jack, Deacon Gerry, Wardens Pam Maiolo and Amy Myzie, or RRR Chair Larry Quirk. 

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