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Caring for Each Other


At St. Francis, caring for each other is central to our common life.  When members are asked what they most value about St. Francis, being part of a community of mutual care is always near the top of the list.


That care happens in a number of ways, formal and informal:


Medical Facility Visits

Fr. Jack and Deacon Marge regularly visit parishioners in the hospital, nursing homes and rehabs, sharing Communion and offering prayer and support.  Members often visit each other as well, and stay in touch by phone and email.  If you or a family member is hospitalized, please contact the Rector as soon as possible so that we may respond.


Home visits

Our clergy also visit parishioners at home, bringing Communion to those who are unable to attend services at church because of health, disability or other reasons.  Some long-term shut-ins are visited on a regular rotation; others may be recovering from a hospital stay or other health issue.  If you wish a visit at home, please contact the Rector.





Pastoral Emergencies

In addition to medical needs, other crises occur in our lives and those of our loved ones.  Whether it is a sudden death in the family, an accident, a relationship issue or something else, we seek to provide caring support in crises. At such times, Fr. Jack welcomes calls on his cell, 732-403-4188, any hour, day or night.


Transportation Ministry

Sometimes parishioners need rides to or from church, doctor appointments, and other needs.  We seek to offer transportation assistance whenever possible. Often, this happens parishioner to parishioner; sometimes the clergy help make arrangements with parishioners who have volunteered to offer rides.  If you are in need of transportation assistance, please contact the Rector.


Pastoral Support/Counseling

Some issues in our lives are not crises, but we may still do well to talk them through with a supportive person who can offer  wisdom, perspective or guidance, and help discern where God may be at work. Like most clergy, Fr. Jack has training and experience in this area and is happy to meet with parishioners and others on request. In some situations, he may, after a first meeting, recommend follow up with a mental health professional when he believes that will be of most benefit to the person(s) involved.


Spiritual Direction/Guidance

Our spiritual lives are deeply personal, but richly communal as well – for they are the whole of our lives lived in relationship to God and other people.  Our life with God can often benefit from the companionship, support and guidance of another Christian.  Fr. Jack has training and experience as a spiritual director and welcomes the opportunity to offer this ministry to people both within and beyond St. Francis'.  If you are interested in learning more, please speak with or contact him.

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